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Art on Trend: Viva Magenta

This year, one color is particularly on trend: Viva Magenta. This eye-catching and vibrant color adds an extraordinary freshness to our everyday life and creates lively spring feelings. Viva Magenta is energetic and therefore cannot be missing in the current spring season. This color reminds us of a powerful mixture of red and pink by embodying the feeling of freedom and adventure. It awakens spirits and brings a breath of fresh air into our everyday lives. Viva Magenta reminds us to break away from old habits and patterns and embrace the new. This color is fascinating and stimulating at the same time for all senses of our body. Powerful and vibrant, it is used in the art world as an expressive medium to create strong emotions.

Abstract artists use Viva Magenta as the main color or accents in their works to create energy and dynamism. Abstract artworks that include Viva Magenta as a color nuance can feature a wide range of shapes and textures. In painting, as a background color to create a warm and vibrant atmosphere - or as an accent color in an abstract artwork to highlight certain areas and create visual tension.

In the modern art scene, there are many well-known artists who use Viva Magenta in their works. For example, the famous artist Mark Rothko has used Viva Magenta in his abstract paintings to create a spiritual atmosphere and express deep emotions.

In addition to art, Viva Magenta also finds much appeal in the fashion industry. This color is therefore used as a statement color to add a special emotional touch to an outfit. But also as a colorful accent in accessories, such as handbags or shoes, Viva Magenta can be an eye-catcher and give a look that certain something.

Viva Magenta is a color that enriches life and inspires us to live out our creativity and sense of adventure. Whether in art, fashion or everyday life, Viva Magenta adds a fresh and dynamic touch and reminds us that life is full of possibilities. Try it out and transform your home into an emotional place of expression with a unique piece of art in Viva Magenta.

Women in Art

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8 and is an occasion to recognize the social, political and economic achievements of women worldwide. It is an occasion to draw attention to the continuing inequalities and challenges that women face in their daily lives. One of the most important themes in the context of International Women's Day is the relevance of encouraging and empowering women to significantly realize their full potential.

One industry in which women are often underrepresented and face a variety of challenges is, unfortunately, the arts industry. Historically, women in the arts have been punished with ignorance or even actively suppressed for many years. There were few opportunities for women to even enter the art world and they were often discriminated against because of their gender. Today, women in the arts definitely have more opportunities, but there are still hurdles to overcome.

One of the challenges women face in the art industry is unequal representation in galleries and museums. A study by artnet News found that in 2018, only 11% of artists* sold at auction were women. Women are also often underrepresented when artworks are exhibited in museums and galleries. However, to combat this inequality, there are initiatives such as the Women in Art initiative launched by Art Basel, which aims to promote women in art and increase their presence in the art world.

Therefore, in order to encourage and empower women in the art industry to reach their full potential, it is important to support initiatives that aim to promote women in the art world and increase their presence in the international art scene. It is therefore relevant to encourage women in the arts to network to support each other and advocate for change in the industry. Women empower Women!

That is why it is a matter close to our hearts at LOREMO to balance out the discrepancies mentioned above and to actively take on a role model role, not only with regard to the topic of female leadership. With an artist quota of currently 66%, we support women to unfold their full potential in the art world and to shape the world a bit more colorful with their creative creations. Happy Women´s Day!

Art of Love

Dear art lovers as well as lovers of wonderful aesthetics & good taste. We are very happy to present you every two weeks an exclusive blog entry about art, lifestyle and our renowned top artists. And let's be honest, when could be more fitting than to launch a new project on the occasion of Valentine's Day, inspired by the love of unique art. Art has the ability to touch us, inspire us and make us think. Through almost nothing we can express our feelings and our individual personality better than through the beauty and diversity of art.

Valentine's Day has become a day of commerce. To that end, we want this blog article to remind us again of the value and beauty that this day brings. Therefore, we think that Valentine's Day should not be measured by the number of roses, but rather in self-love. Therefore, why don't we celebrate a day of love for ourselves?

Self-love is the ability to accept and appreciate ourselves, regardless of our faults and weaknesses. It is about loving ourselves and giving ourselves the attention and recognition we deserve. Instead of looking for love from others, let's focus on loving ourselves even more and treating ourselves to the things that make the small, wonderful moments of everyday life more beautiful!

To concentrate on the beautiful things of the life often comes in the stress of everyday life too briefly. The fast pace of life often does not allow us to actively enjoy the small things of everyday life. The birds chirping in the morning, the hot cup of coffee on the way to work and the actually beautiful way there, which simply becomes like invisible in the course of time. Therefore, take time for yourself today, time to enjoy the little things. Instead of seeing Valentine's Day only as a day of romantic love, we should celebrate it as a day of self-love and joy of life.

Give yourself something that makes you happy and lets you celebrate the beauty of life. What fits better than a piece of art personally customized in your wishes for you - which expresses your individual, unmistakable beauty of your unique personality. We are not interested in mass, we are interested in an exquisite selection of extravagant styles that our artists represent. Styles that, together with your individual colors, let your interior become an expression of yourself.

LOREMO stands for the appreciation of art, for individual expression and exclusivity. To combine your unique personality with art and to unite it on a unique piece of art is our greatest goal. Each of us is unique and so should be your art at home, because it accompanies you every day, can influence your feelings and even help you to be more creative and innovative. A pure homage to yourself. In this sense, LOREMO wishes you a wonderful Valentine's Day that is as unique as you are.

Art of Spring

Spring gives you a unique opportunity to change your home in an aesthetic way and at the same time express your own creativity. In particular, it is important to choose an elegant combination of colors, which will bring to the forefront of the color composition not only your own style, but also your distinctive character. A highlight of aesthetics is set by abstract artworks. This type of art will give your home a modern and dynamic atmosphere.

Abstract art encourages you as a viewer to find your own interpretation of the work and thus stimulate your imagination. At its core, aesthetic abstraction focuses on the use of shapes, colors, and textures rather than realistic images or concrete objects. This allows you to interpret art in a more personal way, drawing inspiration from your own experiences and emotions.

Abstract art manifests itself in many different shapes and colors, from geometric shapes and bold colors to subtle and abstract lines. Colors here can be very impactful and used to create a certain mood or even to draw attention to certain areas of the room. Our space and color experts are here to offer their years of expertise to help you choose the style and color space that best suits your home.

To best integrate abstract art into your home, planning a custom piece of art to match your personality is the ideal solution. Our renowned artists work with great attention to detail to create the perfect artwork for your home, reflecting your interior and preferences par excellence. High quality is our top priority. Our founder attaches great importance to an exquisite selection of renowned artists from the international art scene, which she curates exclusively for LOREMO. With her exquisite taste, she convinces through class instead of mass.

Abstract art is a great way to express your personality and taste and thus beautify your surroundings. It allows you to tell your own story and create your surroundings in a personal and unique way.

So use the beginning of spring to reflect your tastes and personal preferences as well as rediscover your surroundings. Get ready to unleash your creativity and beautify your home with abstract art from LOREMO. Let's create your perfect piece of art together and transform your surroundings into an inspiring and creative oasis. Treat yourself to the opportunity to enrich your surroundings and enhance your creativity. Your home deserves to be surrounded by you first-class art.

Bonjour Extravagance

Individual art in extravagant colors: a visual journey. Art is an endless source of inspiration and creativity. It expresses the emotions, thoughts and dreams of the artist and offers the viewer a chance to gain insight into another world. Especially individual art created by a single person can produce fascinating and captivating works. Now, when this individual art is combined with extravagant colors, the result is a visual firework that touches not only the eyes, but also the soul of the viewer.Individual art painted in extravagant colors is usually vibrant and full of energy. The colors can express brightness, depth, movement and completely change a work of art. Artists who create such works often use a wide range of colors to represent their visions and dreams. These works can be surreal, abstract, or expressionistic, taking the viewer on a journey to another world.

A good example of individual art in extravagant colors is the work of the famous artist Joan Miró. His works are often characterized by bold, bright colors and convey a sense of joy and optimism. Expressionist Vincent van Gogh also used bold colors to portray his emotions. His works are known for their passion and intensity, giving the viewer a deep sense of movement and emotion.

Individual art in extravagant colors is also a popular medium for political or social messages. Artists often use the power of color to express their beliefs and draw attention to important issues. In this way, art can be a powerful voice for change and contribute to society.

In today's world, where art is often influenced by digital technologies, the importance of individual art remains unchanged. The power of color and the vision of an individual artist can still inspire us.

Der Nude Look

In recent years, a new trend in interior design has been established: Nude colors. These soft and natural tones perfectly match the warm and cozy living spaces that are becoming more and more popular. Nude colors are also on the rise in art. In this article, we would like to give you a closer look at both trends and show you how they can be used in interior design.

Nude colors in interior design: Nude colors are soft, natural tones that are reminiscent of skin colors. They range from light beiges and creams to warm browns. These colors are perfect for warm and cozy living rooms, which are becoming more and more popular. A living room with nude colors looks calming and inviting. Nude colors can also be used in bedrooms and bathrooms to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Nude colors can be used as wall paint, on furniture or as accessories. A wall in a nude shade can make the room look larger, as it does not distract the eyes. Nude colors are also easy to combine and go well with many other shades.

Art in nude colors: Not only in interior design, but also in art, nude colors are on the rise. Artwork in nude colors can have a room-filling effect and make a wonderful statement. Whether it's abstract paintings, sculptures or photographs, art in nude colors can add a special touch to any room. A piece of art in nude colors is especially suitable for rooms with neutral tones, as it creates an interesting contrast. However, it can also be used in rooms with nude colors to create a harmonious overall look.

Holy Christmas

Individual art from LOREMO Art for Christmas - a special gift idea. Christmas is the time of giving and joy. To make this special time even more memorable, individual art is a great gift idea. Unique artwork not only shows creativity and originality, but also that you have taken time and thought to choose a special gift.

Custom art can be presented in many different forms, from drawings and paintings to sculptures, photographs and prints. It can be a portrait of the recipient or a piece that reflects their interests and preferences. Custom art can also represent a special memory of a special event or place.

One way to acquire custom art is to purchase artwork from local artists or art galleries. This is a great opportunity to support local art and purchase a unique piece that few others will own. It is also possible to buy custom art online, for example through platforms like Etsy or Society6. Here you can find a wide selection of artwork from artists all over the world. Individual art can also be created by oneself. For this, one can, for example, take a course or get inspiration from a professional artist. It can also be a great way to create a special keepsake at Christmas that can be admired and shared every year.

When choosing a piece of art as a gift, it is important to know the recipient well and take into account their preferences. A piece of art should not only look beautiful, but also have a deeper meaning and connect with the recipient. In conclusion, custom art is a wonderful gift idea fen Christmas that creates a special meaning and a deeper connection to the recipient. It shows that time and thought has been put into choosing a unique and special gift. Whether you buy art or create it yourself, it's important that it tells a story and makes an emotional connection with the recipient. Custom art can also be a great way to support local artists while purchasing a unique piece of art.

If you are looking for a special and unique gift for Christmas, you should think about considering a piece of art. It can preserve a memory forever and bring joy every time you look at it. In any case, custom art will certainly be a memorable gift for Christmas that will be remembered for a long time. So why not consider a special piece of art as a gift and leave a lasting impression?

Art of Autumn

Autumn is a magical season characterized by golden leaves, cool weather and a very special mood. This mood has inspired many artists throughout history to create works of art that capture the beauty and magic of autumn.

Many artists have been inspired by the colorfulness of autumn and have created stunning works that capture the vibrant colors of the leaves and the mild light of the autumn day. The works of artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet are known for their colorful depictions of the autumn landscape.

Autumn is also a time of farewell and change, and many artists have incorporated these themes into their works. Artworks such as William Morris' "Fall of the Leaves" show the transience of autumn and the end of a season. Other artworks, such as Jackson Pollock's "Autumn Rhythm," show the movement and flow of autumn through abstract shapes and colors.

In addition to landscape paintings and abstract works, there are many other types of art that focus on autumn. These include photography, sculpture, drawings, and prints, for example. Artists often use different materials to depict the beauty of autumn, including paper, clay, wood, and fabric.

In conclusion, autumn is a wonderful season that has inspired many artists to create artwork that captures the beauty and magic of this time of year. From colorful landscape paintings to abstract works, there are a variety of artworks that focus on autumn and capture the beauty of this season. We should take the time to look at these works and enjoy the magic of autumn.



All statement artworks by LOREMO are custom-made with love for you by our creative artists. They are nor art prints, nor multiple creations or duplicates. They are exclusively one-of-a-kind unique art paintings, original and unmistakable pieces. We follow the principle of the modern abstract and contemporary art approach. Our focus is to create personalized art made to be loved and last to underline your lifestyle and make your home even more an aesthetically pleasure.



Our experienced color and design experts support you location independent through digital media tools in order to figure out the right color code for your dream painting. Within the digital color and design session, the experts will incorporate the latest color and design trends. They will have a look at your interior design concept and your personality in order to deliver you the best match in color, size and style. One digital session lasts on average 45-60 min depending on your individual requests.



We are focusing on individuality and a personal approach. For us it is of highest importance to take the time to listen to your individual expectations and turn them into reality. Upon request, your statement artwork will be exclusively packaged with a personal signed greeting card from your artist an afterwards be delivered to your most beloved person as a special gift together with our LOREMO Art Certificate of Authenticity.

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