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My Fuel: Passion for Art & Esthetics

"Art is what it is for you. 
You have to feel it."

Franziska Loremo

My Vision.

Modern art and excellent design are my passion. With this passion I follow my vision of LOREMO. Exclusivity instead of mass. Unique pieces for individualists.

In my opinion, unique art in aesthetic colour combinations should no longer take place in museums, they should inspire and delight us every day. Exclusive works of art, unique one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfectly tailored to the individual character, colour preferences and lifestyle of each person. With the unique artworks of LOREMO, I would like to awaken exactly this joie de vivre and this special feeling.

As the founder of LOREMO, individualisation and personalisation are therefore very important to me. We love the eye for beauty in art and design. We offer not only modern contemporary art, but a lifestyle and a very special feeling. A feeling of being surrounded by high quality design and unique modern artworks that match one's own interior design and individual personality and are therefore tailor-made.

With ♡ Franziska

& Inspiration.

The idea for LOREMO was born in Barcelona. The hometown of the artist Pablo Picasso. The city of endless freedom, creativity and passion. The city of millions of different shining colours. The city of pure inspiration for artists. The city where a picture embodies a poem without words.

Colors are the mirror of the soul. Colors help strong personalities to express themselves individually by expressing the style of their unique character. Different cultures, materials, haptics as well as different character types of people have always inspired me. It became more and more clear to me that my passion is to design things in the form of emotional art and to adapt them to the different character types and their lifestyle.

I was looking for something that fuses design, expressionism, art and emotion. The Spanish emotion, passion and expressiveness combined with the bright colours of Barcelona inspired me. This was the starting point of LOREMO and thus the idea of coLOREMOtions. Creative expressionism took on a new meaning in my life from that point on. Bringing more color, emotions and exklusive aesthetic into peoples´ interiors became my purpose.

The Art of LOREMO living with extravagance.

I am passionate about high quality design as well as exquisite taste in aesthetics. With a trained eye for colour and aesthetics, as well as my expertise in the international art market, I curate the artists for LOREMO, who create your unique art painting with great attention to detail.

As a female founder, it is very important to me to volunteer in various women networks in order to proactively promote political, ecological and economic issues. We have a huge responsibility as a founder for the economic, environment, but also for diversity and equality. Women empower women is my personal drive evey day. It is a pleasure and honor for me to push impactful topics forward and to share my own experience and knowledge with other women to empower them even more.



All statement artworks by LOREMO are custom-made with love for you by our creative artists. They are nor art prints, nor multiple creations or duplicates. They are exclusively one-of-a-kind unique art paintings, original and unmistakable pieces. We follow the principle of the modern abstract and contemporary art approach. Our focus is to create personalized art made to be loved and last to underline your lifestyle and make your home even more an aesthetically pleasure.



Our experienced color and design experts support you location independent through digital media tools in order to figure out the right color code for your dream painting. Within the digital color and design session, the experts will incorporate the latest color and design trends. They will have a look at your interior design concept and your personality in order to deliver you the best match in color, size and style. One digital session lasts on average 45-60 min depending on your individual requests.



We are focusing on individuality and a personal approach. For us it is of highest importance to take the time to listen to your individual expectations and turn them into reality. Upon request, your statement artwork will be exclusively packaged with a personal signed greeting card from your artist an afterwards be delivered to your most beloved person as a special gift together with our LOREMO Art Certificate of Authenticity.

© Franziska Scheuerle 2023