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An Oasis of Colors, innovative Design and exquisite Aesthetics

Modern art is personal and individual. Therefore, the modern abstract artworks of LOREMO are created with a very special eye for aesthetics and exclusivity for your rooms. Our approach is to translate your personality as well as your existing unique color code of your premises in an abstract art painting.
Contemporary modern art with emotional expression

The first brush stroke requires courage and emotion.

The first brushstroke on a white canvas requires courage. Resistance arises - resistance to the color palette, the brush size, or anything that keeps an artist from first destroying a perfect white canvas to subsequently create something even more beautiful. The white space is intimidating at first. But as soon as the canvas is confronted with the first brush stroke, the movement begins. The artist's mind interacts with the brushstrokes. Emotions spill over with visual images of perceived perfection and aesthetics. The lines and shapes cooperate with each other to create an aesthetic work in colors and shapes. The point at which the artwork is complete is the artist's decision. It requires a sensitive feeling and special eye for the beauty of the play of colors. These interactions require emotions. Therefore, each work of art by LOREMO carries the emotion of the artist. Modern personalized art that touches your emotions.

Aesthetic Experesssion

Contemporary abstract art is not only of the highest aesthetic expression, it also allows our imagination to run wild. Modern abstract art adds that special something, an emotion of grace to the spaces in which it is present. It is our great concern to realize this grace and aesthetics in every single abstract artwork that our artists create for you. It is not about mass, but about individuality. Art is only truly art when it touches our soul and fully captures us with its beauty. Let yourself be inspired by the beauty and aesthetics of our works. Commissioned art of a special kind.

Exclusivity meets Modern
High-quality colors & textures

Our Aspiration

A distinctive sense of color, a special eye for aesthetics and the power to create exclusive oases of beauty and design through our personalized modern artworks. 

Franziska Loremo, Founder LOREMO

You want to know more about our art philosophy?

Colors are the mirror of the soul. Find out what your personal colors of your existing interior reveal about you and what colors your artwork needs to create the perfect aesthetic of your existing interior with your personalized artwork. 



All statement artworks by LOREMO are custom-made with love for you by our creative artists. They are nor art prints, nor multiple creations or duplicates. They are exclusively one-of-a-kind unique art paintings, original and unmistakable pieces. We follow the principle of the modern abstract and contemporary art approach. Our focus is to create personalized art made to be loved and last to underline your lifestyle and make your home even more an aesthetically pleasure.



Our experienced color and design experts support you location independent through digital media tools in order to figure out the right color code for your dream painting. Within the digital color and design session, the experts will incorporate the latest color and design trends. They will have a look at your interior design concept and your personality in order to deliver you the best match in color, size and style. One digital session lasts on average 45-60 min depending on your individual requests.



We are focusing on individuality and a personal approach. For us it is of highest importance to take the time to listen to your individual expectations and turn them into reality. Upon request, your statement artwork will be exclusively packaged with a personal signed greeting card from your artist an afterwards be delivered to your most beloved person as a special gift together with our LOREMO Art Certificate of Authenticity.

© Franziska Scheuerle